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Creativity Lab ::

In the corporate world if you find a way to provide something faster, cheaper and better than your competitor eventually you will become a creative leader and others will compete against you.

Today’s corporate world is a place where there is neck to neck competition and people who can be creative or different can only survive in this highly competitive corporate world and go to great heights. Thus the main aim of this Creativity Lab is to create highly efficient and creative managers.

Thus the lab would emphasize on New Product Launch, Existing Product Expansion, Creative Advertising, Best Manager, Extempore Speech, Group Discussion, Paper Presentation, Buiz Quiz, Ad Zap, Marwar, Stress Interview, 4Cs, 90 Days, 99 Words, Action Plan, action Replay, Alone and Together, Angry Customers, Artful Closer, Back to Back, Better Connections, Big Chances, Blind Square, Both Sides, Bottle Tower, Brain Pick, The Frame, Bullet Slides, CIA, Circles Jolt etc
MBA-(AICTE approved) - 2013 - 14 Admission in Progress- No Donation -Semester Fees Rs. 20,000/- Only
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